Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peeping Out the Window

The first thing that Sadie learned was to look out the window on command. We trained her by walking over to the window and saying "look". That turned into just pointing at the window and say "look". Now whenever mom or dad leave, Sadie now goes to the window on her own now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pottery Trip

Last Monday, Janet Dunn (my pottery instructor),two other women, and I went to an art studio on the north side of Atlanta. The trip was roughly an hour to an hour and a half from her house. On the way we were talking about random things, like one woman was talking about what she want to do after college and me on how to choose what to do

When we got there, the first thing was to get Mrs. Dunn's own list completed. The older woman was looking at the kilns and a pottery wheel, which she ended up purchasing. Mrs. Dunn and I bought glass to add to our pottery.

After all the shopping, we stopped at a Ethiopian Restaurant called Mekreem. While everyone else had the "Vegetable Combo", I had Fish Tibs. Which is fish cut up in a very hot and spicy stew with a tomato. It was very tasty.

Of course Sadie stayed home...