Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peeping Out the Window

The first thing that Sadie learned was to look out the window on command. We trained her by walking over to the window and saying "look". That turned into just pointing at the window and say "look". Now whenever mom or dad leave, Sadie now goes to the window on her own now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pottery Trip

Last Monday, Janet Dunn (my pottery instructor),two other women, and I went to an art studio on the north side of Atlanta. The trip was roughly an hour to an hour and a half from her house. On the way we were talking about random things, like one woman was talking about what she want to do after college and me on how to choose what to do

When we got there, the first thing was to get Mrs. Dunn's own list completed. The older woman was looking at the kilns and a pottery wheel, which she ended up purchasing. Mrs. Dunn and I bought glass to add to our pottery.

After all the shopping, we stopped at a Ethiopian Restaurant called Mekreem. While everyone else had the "Vegetable Combo", I had Fish Tibs. Which is fish cut up in a very hot and spicy stew with a tomato. It was very tasty.

Of course Sadie stayed home...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Training to Sit

Anyone who owns a dog, regardless of the breed, one of the first things you teach it is to sit.

For Sadie, Dad would say the word while pushing gently on her behind to get used to the word and action. Later Sadie learned to sit by the word only and without any human assistance.

Once she could sit on her own we would reward her with liver treats. Then that's were we tried the hand signal. The hand signal is were you have a liver treat or any other small treat in your hand, make a fist, allow the dog to smell the food in your hand, then draw your hand to your shoulder. With repetition and patience, you will never say the word "sit" again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Introduction

Hello all viewing this.

I am Virginia Rosser from Sadie P's house. I am a home-schooler getting ready to graduate from high school. My hobbies include riding my bike, playing video games, reading manga, and playing with our pets, Sadie, of course, and our cat, Pearl.

Now who is Sadie P?

Sadie is our puppy, rescued from the Henry County Animal Shelter. She is a pointer mix and estimated to be eight months old. When we first brought her home, she was already house broken, and skinny to no belief. Even though she has been at the pound for roughly a month, she is pretty well behaved for a puppy and everyone who sees her thinks she is so sweet. For the past few weeks that we have had her, Sadie has filled out and we just started to train her.